Just as important as your studies are the opportunities to relax, socialise and enjoy the variety of activities at the College. Many talents and enthusiasms nurtured at the College, often stay with you for life and may form a basis of future careers.

Student life at the College is obviously dominated by the curriculum, but plenty of opportunities exist for recreational pursuits outside lessons. Regular clubs and activities are organised through individual subjects, the teaching body and Student Council. The emphasis at the Moorlands Sixth Form College, Cheadle is very much on individual initiative.

Activities include;
- University trips   - Theatre trips
- Outside speakers - Academic field trips
- Work placements - Art gallery visits
- The 'End of Year Ball' - Events for charity
- Language exchanges - Football
- Hockey  - Mock trials
- Table tennis - Musical concerts/band nights
- Skiing trip to the Alps - Annual Drama Production
- Drama Club