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Key Dates:
AS, A2 and AVCE exams Start date: Monday 15th May 2017
  End date: Thursday 29th June 2017


Study Leave


If the exam is in the afternoon you will be allowed the morning for study leave. At all other times you must be in class as lessons will run as normal. Study leave is a privilege, do not abuse your privilege.


Who should be entered for examinations?

If you have satisfactorily completed your course of study to date you will be entered for the appropriate examination. Satisfactory completion encompasses attendance, punctuality, attitude, application and the completion of coursework.

Who may not be entered for examinations?

You must meet all the requirements of your course of study otherwise we may withdraw your exam entry. Reports and regular monitoring of progress will take place throughout your time with us and satisfactory progress and attendance will be taken into account when making examination entries. You will be issued with final coursework deadlines. It is very important that these are met and that you meet with staff requests for draft outlines during your programme of study. Failure to meet these deadlines may mean that you are withdrawn from the examination and are charged for fees. Where there is a question of non-entry, your parents or guardians will be invited for discussion.



Coursework under the Examination Board guidelines remains the responsibility of the student under the supervision of your class teacher. In order to meet the external deadlines for the submission of work the College will set its own deadline. You will be informed of this by your subject teachers. Remember; meeting deadlines is an important life skill. If you have any difficulty meeting the agreed deadline talk to your teacher as soon as you know that there is a problem.


Special Consideration

If you have a medical condition, learning difficulty (such as dyslexia) or serious personal problem (such as bereavement) you may be eligible for special arrangements e.g. additional time or rest breaks. The rules governing special consideration and access arrangements are very strict and applications normally need to be made several months in advance. Medical evidence is required. If you think that you may be eligible for special consideration, and or access arrangements (scribe, extra time, use of laptop, etc) please see Ms Dodson as soon as possible.


If you require a resit, complete an Examination Resit form available from the Exams Office. This needs to be signed by your subject teacher and payment made before the entry can be processed. Please see Ms Dodson if you have financial issues.

Before the exam

Approximately one month before the start of an exam session a provisional timetable will be displayed. You must ensure you check this information and if there are any problems see Ms Dodson. Following this a final examination timetable will be distributed to all students. Information concerning individual entries (statement of entries) will also be distributed and it is vital that you check the information and ensure your name is spelt correctly and your date of birth is correct. The exam board's website also gives advance notice (up to 12 months) of the dates of exams.

On the day of the exam


  • Ensure you arrive 15 minutes before the start of your examination.
  • All examinations will start promptly at 9.00 a.m. or 1.30 p.m. The majority will be held in the hall. Please arrive at the start of the session to confirm start times.
  • Check the seating plan (displayed outside the exam room) and make a note of your candidate number.
  • Ensure you have all the necessary stationery & equipment.
  • No talking / communicating in the examination room.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the examination room.
  • All bags and coats must be placed on the stage.
  • No mobile phones are allowed in the examination room.


Exam Results


Summer Term  
Year 13 - A2 Results Thursday 17th August 2017 8:00am
Year 12 - AS Results Thursday 17th August 2017 8:45am

The rules governing exams are complicated, if in any doubt please see Mrs Dodson .

And finally:

The examination periods are a stressful time for all. Please be quiet and considerate when examinations are in progress. Please talk to a member of staff if you are feeling stressed and need extra help.